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Why a successful NBA trade leaves no excuses for James Harden, Kevin Durant, Kerry Irving and the Brooklyn Nets

Why a successful NBA trade leaves no excuses for James Harden, Kevin Durant, Kerry Irving and the Brooklyn Nets

No more excuses.

That, in the end, will be the permanent reality behind Wednesday Four teams, big business This sends out the disgruntled star James Harden to me Brooklyn Networks.

No more excuses for Harden who is gone Full indignation To engineer his departure from Houston. Nothing to Kevin Durant. Nothing to Keri Irving. Nothing for anyone in Brooklyn.

On the surface, this move is a win-win for many participants. The Houston Rockets Get an adorable set of four draft picks from round one and a legit star in height Victor Oladipo. Associate that with John Wall And their future is bright, even if a little late.

Carris Leverett to me Pacers He’s also a great addition to a team that’s really great, well trained, and able to do big things.

But the primary focus of this trade will be on the net and Harden himself. Make no mistake: Harden played indifferent, behind-the-scenes disrespect to his teammates and organization, and my selfishness before Tuesday’s press conference gave him what he wanted. Now he has to prove it – and it is – worth it.

This is far from certain.

Undoubtedly, the stunning move by the Nets is a fist-pumping and party-worthy gamble for Shawn Marx and his front desk.

It is a win.

It is a coup.

But it’s still a gamble, one with huge stakes, pushing all the chips in between with more uncertainty than the initial shock and cheer on the KD-Kyrie-Harden trio boosting naturally.

The chemistry isn’t as exciting as the three stars playing together, but it’s super important. Especially with three stars playing together.

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In particular, at the extreme, with these three stars.

Let’s review how these talented and dominant ball players got here, and what happened during their trip to Brooklyn.

Durant, one of the most dynamic and dangerous basketball players on Earth, was irritated by criticism while he was with the the Warriors He had Twitter accounts to defend his honor. He struggled with the love and adoration Carrie endured there, and felt, by comparison, unappreciated. There’s nothing wrong with these facts, but it sure does raise a surprise or two about his ability to play with other stars.

And Irving and Hardin, at least as teammates and models of selflessness in basketball, is not Carrie.

Irving was extremely unhappy under the shadows LeBron James – The best player on earth, nothing less – his way out of a defending champ. This is certainly good, but it does not shout that “winning is the most important thing”.

And no, of course, he hasn’t simply left his team during the season and doesn’t have time to tell his rookie coach (and the Hall of Fame).

We haven’t gotten to his time in Boston yet. That team who had already reached the Conference Finals without him, and it turned out that Kerry’s addition was weight rather than a win. Bring more drama than danger on Celtics He dreams of taking that next step, and they are better without him.

Locker rooms are important.

So Irving is now a network, or at least sort of. We still don’t know what he would do or why he left the team, but he still wasn’t there. His pre-season comments that the Nets didn’t really have a coach – like Steve Nash – was close to being prophetic. Replace “me” with “coach” while he is doing something.

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And in that position, Harden stepped in, who would make Kobe Bryant’s blush ripe. Once again: that’s fine … if it works.

But Harden’s ugly exit from Houston comes after his inability to coexist (and ultimately, make the NBA Finals) with Chris Paul Then with his old friend, Russell Westbrook.

So, yeah, talent in Brooklyn is something to watch. If these three players play together simultaneously, willing to sacrifice, and focus on the team’s greatness goal before the nightly pull of individual excellence, then containing them will be, to say the least, extremely difficult.

There is a lot of offensive firepower. And the list is behind them, even with LeVert and Jarrett Allen The departure is deep and impressive.

But they are also three players who have shown themselves, in various ways, to be sensitive not only to criticism but to the need to work alongside other stars. Durant did it with great success, sure, but if the warrior culture rubs you the wrong way, good luck with Kyrie and the beard.

Harden is the ultimate example here, and the one who’s going to fall for the most weight. He made his way, time after time, in Houston, until one day he woke up miserably from the world he had made for himself. His answer? He hung up his phone, looked late and indecent this season, play as if it didn’t matter, and in the end, insulted his team and literally woke up and walked away.

Perhaps the player paired with Durant and Kerry can’t be stopped. Perhaps he will be reborn, center, selfless, part of the Big Three who will dominate the East and pursue the rings with abandon. They probably won’t be stopped. Or maybe, after a bit of time and stress together, people in Brooklyn will want everything to stop.

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Either option is possible, and neither is guaranteed. But whatever happens, there are no more excuses.

This is the most talented trio in the NBA – one of the most talented in NBA history – and if that didn’t work out, there would be no one to blame in Brooklyn other than the three stars who actually got exactly what they asked for: each other.