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Touchless technology simulates the ability to “press” an elevator button

In their Covid-19 Information page, and both CDC And the World Health Organization People are warned not to touch their faces with unwashed hands, as the virus can survive on surfaces. As a result, there has been a rise in the use of contactless technologies, and Singapore’s Stuck Design studio Visualizations A world where passengers do not even have to press elevator buttons with their fingers to get to where they want to go. Kinetic Touchless technology in the studio can simulate the movement of one’s fingers and recreate the haptic response to pressing a button.

It works using motion as an input method so it does not need direct contact and can imitate movement from a distance. The studio says that the type of touchless interaction its technology offers can be applied to different gestures as well. This means that technology buttons can either sink in or move out if the user makes a push or pull motion. A row of buttons can also follow the user’s finger if they make a sliding motion.

Stuck design

Stuck design

Stuck Design says most of the touchless interactions that have emerged due to COVID-19 use a “static light or buzzer sensor to indicate an active button.” She added: “By going beyond the predicted reactions to light and sound, Kinetic Touchless provides a surprisingly pleasant but freshly used way to interact with contactless technology.” The studio has already created a working prototype, as seen in the GIF above, but the technology is still just an experiment at the moment and can’t be found in elevators yet.

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