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The plane that crashed in Indonesia did not fly for nine months

The plane that crashed in Indonesia did not fly for nine months

The Indonesian Ministry of Transport said that the Sriwijaya aerial plane that crashed on Saturday did not fly for nearly nine months last year, as air travel fell sharply due to the Coronavirus pandemic, as search crews pulled one of the plane’s black boxes from the black box. Java Sea.

The ministry said a Boeing 737-500 had been inspected and declared fit to fly before resuming flight operations.

An Indonesian Airlines plane with 62 people on board I got off minutes after take off It is the nation’s capital, Jakarta. Divers and search crews, who grappled with severe debris and decreased visibility underwater, were able to recover the plane’s flight data recorder on Tuesday, an important early step in uncovering the cause of the SJ182 crash.

The Ministry of Transport said the plane stopped operating in late March, weeks after Indonesia announced its first case of Covid-19 virus. It added that the plane began flying again on December 19, after clearing the inspection by the ministry’s General Directorate of Air Transport.

The ministry said its first flight after the long layover had no passengers and was non-commercial. The plane began flying with passengers on December 22, two and a half weeks before it crashed. The ministry said that the aircraft’s airworthiness certificate from the Ministry of Transportation is valid until December 17, 2021.

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