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Tesla is updating the Model 3 with a new design touch and a heated steering wheel

Tesla is updating the Model 3 with a new design touch and a heated steering wheel

Tesla refreshed the Model 3 again with a new design touch recently introduced in the new Model Y in China and the much awaited hot steering wheel.

2021 Tesla Model 3

Tesla officially launched the Model 3 update 2021 with more scope and new features In October of 2020, but as mentioned earlier, the update is still kind of ongoing.

The automaker began introducing changes to the Model 3 produced in China first, such as deleting chrome, and they added new features such as double windows, a powered trunk, and a new center console.

With the update, Tesla also introduced “under the hood” improvements, such as a new heat pump and New higher capacity battery pack.

New Tesla Model 3 updates

Now Tesla is once again updating the Model 3 made in China and like previous changes we expect it will soon arrive at the Model 3 produced in the US.

Last week, we reported on Tesla updates the interior design of the Model Y electric car Based on a component update for Model Y in China, production begins in Gigafactory Shanghai.

One of the changes was a new shingle inside the Model Y doors and now we see the change has brought it to the Model 3 as well:

Tesla has also added a heated steering wheel, which was a long-awaited option, which we have heard will come with the 2021 Model 3 udpate.

In the Chinese Configuration Tool, you can see the new option when choosing the premium interior, which is available to buyers of the 3 Performance Model:

However, as was the case with Tesla’s previous options, we believe the hardware is becoming standard and Tesla will likely offer a hot steering wheel option as a software upgrade through its mobile app to buyers of the cheaper version of the car.

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While these changes are currently only reflected in the Model 3 made in China, we expect Tesla to make these changes to Fremont’s Model 3 cars in the coming months – making them more accessible to North American customers.

Stay tuned for more information.

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