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Tesla is updating the interior design of the Model Y electric car

Tesla is updating the interior design of the Model Y electric car

Tesla has updated the interior design of the Model Y electric SUV, starting with the new design produced in China, to match the changes introduced in the 2021 Model 3.

With The new 2021 version of the Model 3, Tesla introduced many new design changes, especially in the car’s interior.

The Model 3 and Model Y share a very similar interior, but the changes for 2021 have created some differences.

The key factor is the introduction of a new central console with integrated wireless phone charger and an updated design.

New Tesla Y design

Now with the launch of the Model Y manufactured in Gigafactory Shanghai in China, Tesla has updated the interior of the electric SUV to match the changes made in the 2021 Model 3, such as the new interior console:

Interestingly, it appears that Tesla has also made some changes to the Model Y inside that aren’t from the 2021 Model 3 update.

One change from the new image can be seen in the online config tool; New wood plank in door:

While these changes are currently only seen on the Chinese component of the Model Y, they are expected to reach the Model Y produced in the United States, as has been the case with the changes introduced for the first time in Model 3 cars designed in China.

Tesla Model Y in China

As mentioned earlier, Tesla is about to start delivering the Model Y in China after that Several production units have been spotted in Gigafactory Shanghai.

Today, Tesla China confirmed the start of production of the Model Y in China with customer deliveries starting this month.

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The automaker has confirmed that the Model Y starts at 339,900 yuan ($ 52,000) for the Long Range Dual Motor Edition and that the Model Y Performance edition will start at 369,900 yuan ($ 56,600).

The price is competitive with the small electric SUV from competitors in China, such as Nio and Xpeng.

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