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Sources- Kevin Durant faces a 7-day quarantine and is due to miss 4 matches

Sources- Kevin Durant faces a 7-day quarantine and is due to miss 4 matches

After exposure to someone who tested positive for COVID-19, Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant Sources told ESPN that a seven-day quarantine will force him to miss the next four matches.

After losing four out of five games to fall below 0.500, the Nets will be without Durant in a series of matches starting Tuesday against Utah and continuing through Philadelphia (Thursday), Memphis (Friday) and Oklahoma City (Sunday).

As long as Durant continues to test negative for the Coronavirus, the earliest he can return is against the Denver Nuggets on January 12.

Sources said that Durant, who was infected with COVID-19 in May, has continued to register antibodies to the Coronavirus and tested negative three times in recent days.

Family members and close contacts of NBA players are allowed to regularly test for the Coronavirus, so once the individual tests are positive, the player enters into contact tracing / quarantine protocols.

The NBA COVID-19 protocols do not distinguish between players who have antibodies and those who do not.

According to the CDC, antibodies are “proteins that help fight infection and can provide protection against getting this disease again.” Scientists are still not sure what degree of immunity the antibodies provide against reinfection.

Durant, who missed the entire 2019-20 season to rehabilitate from an Achilles tendon injury, had a strong offensive start to the season, with an average of 28.2 points, seven rebounds and 4.8 assists per game.

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