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Sony doesn’t build the Vision-S electric car after all

It was 2020 when Sony The world was surprised, or at least these Attendance by car show. Dubbed the Vision-S Concept, it’s an electric sedan that aims to drive itself and with the tech giant behind the project, we can say that more than a handful of people were hoping it would reach production.

A year later, Sony showed the Vision-S to the public again, but this time in range Test public roads in Europe, Which naturally aroused hope among production release aspirants. Sony is actually in constant evolution for this concept, but it won’t reach production – not as a Sony branded car anyway.

This revelation came from a Sony spokesperson said Car and driver The company “has no plans to mass produce or sell the vehicle.”

So yes, no matter how beautiful the Vision-S Concept is, it is just a test of future automotive technologies, particularly in terms of safety and reliability in autonomous driving, as well as enhancing in-car entertainment and the overall experience.

The Vision-S concept currently has a Level 2+ Autonomous vehicle Capabilities, limited to adaptive cruise control, autonomous parking and automatic lane change. The tech giant clearly doesn’t stop there, with Level 4 in sight.

In terms of technology, the Vision-S concept also touts a high-end stereo with the company’s 360 Reality Audio System, creating a field of sound for everyone. Of course, with 5G connectivity on board, playing games Video Games While on the road is a must.

Photography, optics and entertainment, among others – Sony is showing us that its technology can bypass cars. Don’t be surprised if one day a self-driving electric vehicle arrives with Sony components. When that happens, you must remember that there was once a good-looking Sony branded car that catered to its development needs.

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