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Samsung Leak's latest offering disables a tile-like Bluetooth tracker

Samsung Leak’s latest offering disables a tile-like Bluetooth tracker

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Photo: Jung Eun Ji (Getty Images)

Samsung may soon come out with a Bluetooth based tracker to introduce it Tiles Run for her money.

People with sharp eyes in 91 mobiles Pictures spotted of the alleged Samsung tracker on Friday were released by the NCC Certification Authority, as it was listed as the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag. Similar to Tile’s smart trackers and long-time Apple rumors AirTagsIt reportedly uses Bluetooth to connect to your other devices so you can find it in those hectic moments when you swear that the damn things must have popped their legs and turned away from themselves.

The Samsung tracker features a small hole in the corner to easily connect to a rope, wire or keyring, and it will be powered by a replaceable button cell battery, according to the plans in a regulatory file revealed by GSMArena Advance in this month.

Rumors have been pouring in for a while that Samsung has been working on a competitor to Tile, but this leak is the first peek at what the final product could look like. It also appears to confirm the Galaxy SmartTag moniker, which is the name indicated in Samsung’s SmartThings app code that Seen Earlier this week. Images buried deep inside the code look like tracker icons, possibly some kind of user interface. One of the images bears the description “It will help you track things like wallets, keys, earphones, and more”, probably referring to the so far unconfirmed Samsung tracker.

The company did not immediately respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment. But with Samsung It is reported bracing To announce the next flagship smartphone line, the Galaxy S21 series, in January 14, Chances are we will get an update on Galaxy SmartTags then and maybe until the launch date. 91 cell phone expected to cost 1,300 rupees, Rougehly $ 18, which seems reasonable enough. Especially if it has a replaceable battery, a feature Tile has recently started to incorporate into its line. Throwing out an entire device just for a dead battery didn’t make sense in the first place, and I’m sure the planet would be grateful for reducing the e-waste being thrown out on The pile grows quickly.

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