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Target PS5 January 19 Tuesday

PS5 Target Restock Jan; Potential declines start this week

The Target and PS5 logos are properties of Target and Sony respectively

Target stores are restocking the PS5. This is the first time we’ve heard news about Target in 2021, and we think we’ll see our first goal of the year for PS5 very soon.

If you are new, we have successfully reported The goal is dropped on December 21 And the December 29. We also reported the Best Buy Drop December 15th Before it was officially confirmed.

According to our regular sources and some new sources, Target stores receive PS5 shipments on January 19 and 21, depending on their regions, i.e. Tuesdays and Thursdays. The stores are getting around 4-12 units.

From past lows, we know Target never holds stocks. Therefore, once the target stores receive stock, we can expect a decrease. For this drop, We can define four dates – January 19, 20, 21 and 22. However, there is a problem.

Information comes from sources across several regions. So far, we’ve heard of southeast Area, Pacific NorthwestAnd the Midwest, And the Central South Area. If you have information about other regions, feel free to write to us on Twitter. We will update this article as soon as we get more information.

We may not see many dips in the future because the “tariff exemptions that protected many companies from President Trump’s trade war expired at midnight Thursday”. You can read more about it Click here.

Our friend Jake Randall made a video about that, too. Go check it out. Therefore, the drops may be slow for some time. However, if there is any downturn, we’ll let you know 24/7 on Twitter.

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the hunt

According to Jake, who has been monitoring and talking to multiple sources regarding the target, there is It might not be a massive mass decline It is a small individual. “I think stores might pop online, one by one, whenever I feel like it with every 4 console,” said Jake. “I got confirmation from the company that two Texas stores just did that.”

Stores are getting very little in stock, so we can’t expect much from Target at this point. From talking to the many PS5 trackers, I can say the points to follow will be Relatively weaker Than we’ve seen in the past. Therefore, it is best if you do not have high expectations while you are still looking for an opportunity.

Few stores that were supposed to receive PS5 units on their 21st I got it alreadyThat is, 3 days ago. The source mentions that a lot of other stores nearby have also taken in consoles. Some stores have less than 1, while very few have over 20. Keep in mind, like every time, some stores are left with There is no stock at all.

On the contrary, an executive team leader at Target’s store in the South Central District stated that they have not received any information about any drops yet. Usually, they are Receive notes Before the drops happened, but they received nothing at the time this article was published. If something changes, we’ll update the article so keep checking again.

If we have any updates, we will post them on our website An account on TwitterSo be sure to follow us there.

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How to Buy PS5 at Target

Target PS5 only sells online. You will have to purchase the console online and visit a store to pick it up or have it connected to the car. No visits whatsoever.

The usual time when the target drops between 3 AM – 7 AM ET. Be extra prepared during 5 AM – 7 AM ET as the target has dropped the PS5 multiple times during those two hours.

Targeted Buying Links

PlayStation 5 disc version – click here

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition – click here

What is the fastest payment method on Target?

The fastest way –

  1. Stay Log in to both the Target website on your computer and the Target app On your phone.
  2. Based on our observations, most of the people who locked PS5 with Target have succeeded through Target app On their phones. So, using the app is a must.
  3. If you have RedCard goalThe payment process becomes faster.
  4. Keep Target website and app updated every 5 minutes. If you don’t want to do that and just want to be notified when they pull out, follow us on Twitter where we’ll tweet right away when there’s a drop.
  5. Make sure you are Inform your bank / credit card company That you are going to make a big purchase. Some people have encountered order cancellations due to fraud / suspicious activity.
  6. Join us Discord server. we’ve got Separate channels for geographic locations. This will help you get notified when one of Target stores in your area / area has PS5 units in stock.
  7. If stores based on your zip code do not have stock, try nearby zip codes based on your comfort travel to go and pick up the unit.
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If we have any other updates regarding Target, we will update this article and post a tweet.

Make sure to subscribe to our push notifications and never miss an update from the world of video games. Until next time, Stay safe and respect all happy lives and games!