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Patrick Mahomes had the highest pedestrian rating ever, in both the regular season and the playoffs

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The official NFL statistic for measuring passing efficiency is the passer rating, which takes into account the percentage of achievement, the number of yards per pass, relegations and interceptions. The passing rating is far from a perfect stat, but it provides a good insight into just how good the midfielder is.

And the Patrick Mahomes He is the full-time NFL Captain, both in the regular season and in the post season.

To qualify for the regular season record, the midfielder must have delivered 1,500 career passes. Mahomes topped that record in the 2020 season and has now thrown 1,687 assists in his career. It has a career passing rating of 108.7, at number one Deshawn Watson104.5, Aaron Rodgers103.9, Russell Wilson101.7 and Drew Press98.7.

It is noteworthy that everyone in the top five was active during the 2020 NFL season. Midfielders are more effective now than they were before, and this is one of the drawbacks of the pedestrian classification: it is not adapted to the times, so it is always in favor of modern passers-by.

But this is what makes Mahomes post-season record-breaking so noteworthy. Mahomes has a post-season pass rating of 106.6, and when Mahomes reached a minimum of 150 post-season passes to qualify, he broke the record that Bart Starr has held since the 1960s.

It’s a testament to how great Starr is at the big games as it earned a post-season rating of 104.8, still second only to Mahomes in NFL history. The NFL pass crimes were so different during the Starr era that most numbers passing by from those days look hilariously bad. (In 1969, Starr topped the league with a rating of 89.9 lanes, while in 2020 the average league passer-by rating was 93.6.) In the qualifiers, Starr set numbers in the 1960s that look excellent even in 2020.

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Mahomes now sets numbers the NFL has never seen before.