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NFL Trade Rumors: Adam Shifter doesn't believe Carson Wentz will return with the Eagles

NFL Trade Rumors: Adam Shifter doesn’t believe Carson Wentz will return with the Eagles

Day 3 of the offseason and the hype about Carson Wentz’s future (or lack thereof) with Philadelphia Eagles As loud as ever.

The latest news for Wentz comes from NFL Insider Adam Shifter who appeared Wednesday morning on 97.5 the new Morning Fanatic show, The John Kincaid Show. You have copied the relevant parts.

Adam Shifter: Well, I’ve said all year long, I think we’ve talked about it. You always start with the coach and the midfield, right? So, yesterday, Doug Pederson was scheduled to meet Geoffrey Lowry. […] So they were supposed to meet yesterday, I didn’t hear anything in between Brown [COVID-19 situation]Nick Casereo [to the Houston Texans], And everything else happens. But I suppose [since] We heard nothing, everything went as well as you can hope it will. The expectation was that Doug would return. Well, that answers that question. And now we go to the middle. And a friend of the station Rob Maadi talked about it yesterday. I believe what Rob says. This … how exactly did he portray it in the AP story?

Bob Connie: It’s not accurate but it was, “I’m going to take a break, then come back and talk and hope it doesn’t end in divorce.”

Shifter: I’d like to say this one more time. All year long, we’re talking about it, it’s up to the coach and the midfielder. And the organization that had this kind of year that the Eagles were, would we believe everyone would return? We know Jim Schwartz isn’t going back so there will be a change in the defensive side of football.

And I think the real question is about Carson Wentz. Now, my opinion – my opinion, I want to be very clear about this because, again, sometimes you say things and they end up in reports. I don’t think Carson Wentz will return. This is my opinion. Again today. I reserve the right to change this opinion based on events that will take place within the next month or two. But I think they will look forward to moving on with it. I think he wants to be traded. I think what my business partner Chris Mortensen said on Sunday, is that relationships are “irredeemably torn.” When he said those words, I went, “What?” Like this was my reaction. I was … “Whoa! Mort. Okay.” And I think when you hear that, I think he’s talking about the level of frustration that has arisen. I don’t think this can be easily erased. And I think, in the end, they’ll have to look to trade with him.

Now, when Howie Roseman spoke to the media this week, I think his message was so, and correct me if I’m wrong, we’re not talking about it now. We are not looking into it. We won’t talk about that now.

But they have a problem. Quarterback wants to be traded. He hasn’t said it yet. But it does. He did not complain about it publicly. But he wants to be traded.

Shifter clearly said that he shares his opinion, but that doesn’t mean his position is completely unprospective. And his language about Wentz’s desire to come out is very final.

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Of course, it remains to be seen whether the Eagles actually oblige Wentz’s alleged request. Shifter wondered what the team might be able to get in exchange for Wentz if it were the team Do you continue:

Adam Shifter: If they trade with Carson Wentz … you know, that’s interesting. I didn’t ask this question and I would like to. And I’m going to this week as the rest of this week unfolds and chatting with some people. What will be the return on Carson Wentz?

John Kincade: When Mort joined us on Monday, he said what his reports were about just casually talking to people, he doesn’t think he’s going to re-pick the draft in the first round. He thinks it will start with two numbers and maybe something else in addition to that.

Adam Shifter: I don’t think I disagree with him at all. And again, I think a contract is like that … if Carson wanted to trade the way I think he does, he might be willing to recast money for Team X but not Philadelphia. And they should do it by the third day of [2021] League year when [2022] The existing bonus is outstanding. So you have those discussions in January, February, and you tell the team that is going to acquire it, ‘Well yeah, I’m going to paraphrase this. I might even take less here. This could be. However, they decide to check and sort it. But if the money were okay, I think they’d have two and something else too. If the decade goes on, and Carson is inflexible, I think the Eagles might have to eat some of that money. I remember when Texas replaced Brock Osweiler with Broncos, they exchanged Brock Osweiler and two. Until Brown takes over the contract.

Mort mentioned that Wentz is Willing to facilitate trade. But the extent remains to be seen. And as BGN member Benjamin Solak has collapsedIt is not necessarily a simple attempt.

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There is a lot of time left until the new League Year kicks off on March 17th, which is when Wentz will be eligible to trade for the first time. Perhaps the two sides can work on something to stay together. Or maybe we keep hearing that Wintz wants out.