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Newegg responds to a GPU shortage with a controversial lottery system

Newegg responds to a GPU shortage with a controversial lottery system

(Credit: Newegg)

How to stop Brokers Who bought the latest graphics cards and computer processors? Electronics seller Newegg is responding with a lottery system that will distribute ordered products to participating consumers.

The only catch? Well, it looks like you have to purchase every product with your motherboard.

On Wednesday, the company briefly released a Web page For the “Newegg Shuffle” event, which users discovered on Reddit. The system works as follows: within a three-hour window, consumers can enter a lottery on the product they want to buy. Newegg will then withdraw same-day winners and notify them via email, removing the first-come-first-served approach. Winning customers will then have a short two-hour window to complete the purchase, otherwise their reservation will be forfeited.

Based on the webpage, the retailer used Nvidia’s lottery system RTX 3080 Graphics cards and AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs, which are out of stock at all major retailers. However, none of the items can be purchased individually, according to the internet users who viewed the site. Instead, it had to be bought through bulk deals, raising the overall price.

As a result, the reaction to the lottery system was anger in between Computer Builders on Reddit. “If you click on an item, it gives you a selection of groups that you can subscribe to. You cannot subscribe to an item alone,” Wrote One user.

Newegg site. (Credit: Newegg)

However, Newegg Shuffle’s website was removed by Wednesday afternoon, making it unclear whether it was a one-off event, or we’ll see it again.

We’ve reached out to Newegg and will update the story if we hear again. But the retailer last week hinted that the lottery system is coming. “For those who want a way to purchase GPUs, CPUs and consoles, we have a long-term solution coming soon for hot items with little supply. More information soon,” the company wrote in A tweet.

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