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Max Holloway defeats Calvin Katar in the UFC main event by one side

Max Holloway defeats Calvin Katar in the UFC main event by one side

With 90 seconds left, Max Holloway Turn away from his opponent, Calvin Katar, And the broadcast team told cageside that he was the best UFC boxer. On ABC, the network that has been the home of boxing since the 1940s, Holloway proved more of his point of view with his punches.

Holloway dominated Katar by unanimous decision (50-43, 50-43, 50-42) on Saturday in one of the most major one-sided events in Ultimate Fighting Championship history. Holloway is a former UFC featherweight champion and most decorated fighter at 145 pounds of all time. Saturday’s fight was possibly the best performance of his UFC Fight Night career in Abu Dhabi.

Subsequently, Holloway said he would stay in Abu Dhabi for another week and save himself if anything happened to the UFC 257 Main Event fighters. Conor McGregor or Dustin Poirier.

However, UFC President Dana White quickly rejected the idea, telling reporters that Holloway would be returning home to rest. White, however, had nothing but praise for Holloway’s performance, calling him “one of the greats of the ages, in combat.”

“I think people still doubt Max and think,” Will old Max appear? The man who missed a step and all this? ” White said. “He just doesn’t do that. Lots of people who we all respect and know a lot about the sport have chosen Katar to win tonight. Let’s give Katar the respect he deserves too. It takes two to fight a great fight. Incredible.”

Holloway may be next in line for another title opportunity. White said he believed Holloway “deserved” another shot at the current welterweight champion Alexander Volkanovsky, Whom Holloway lost two close fights, but Holloway will have to wait. The next battle of Volkanovsky will come against it Brian Ortega On March 27th at UFC 260, sources told ESPN’s Ariel Halawani.

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ESPN ranked Holloway the second and sixth train in the world in the featherweight division. The card was the first UFC event to be broadcast on ABC and the first since 2018 to air on network television.

The scorecards have been linked to more than one lopsided in a five-round fight in UFC history, along with a match between Rich Franklin And the David Lewiso At UFC 58 in 2006. The score was only 50-42 the second in UFC history after Franklin versus Loiseau.

Holloway has always been an exceptional striker. But he came off the first round with a different kind of ferocity. Train got some nice punches and tough right hands the whole time. But for each of these, Holloway returned a long and varied shot, targeting the head, body, legs, and more. Holloway plunged his elbows and knees into the gut. The passionate gamer was like a life-like fighting video game character.

“If you’re not a fan of Max Holloway, you’re a hater,” said Train. “Kid is a monster. He did what he had to do. Good luck to him and I hope he’s the next champ, because he deserves another shot.”

Saturday’s main event broke several records. According to UFC stats, Holloway broke a UFC record of 445 important strokes, shattering the previous mark of 290 he set against Ortega at UFC 231. Besides the 133 best hits of his career, the fight also set UFC records for 578 joint big hitting teams and big hitting teams (312).

Holloway’s 141 hits landed in the fourth round and were also the most in one round in Ultimate Fighting Championship history.

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The match was held at Etihad Stadium in front of a limited number of fans, all of whom had succumbed to COVID-19 protocols. This was the first paid audience to witness a UFC event since last March.

The crowd was cheering for Holloway early, due to his rampage. Katar landed some cute fittings in the first round, but by the end of the tour, Holloway’s pressure and versatile fittings on every body part take over. Holloway came close to finishing the second round with long sets, but Katar maintained his strength despite being bloodied late in the tour with his elbow. The only thing more impressive than the stiffness of a train is Holloway’s endurance.

Holloway didn’t slow down at all in the late rounds. There were times when Katar looked at his feet towards the cage with Holloway flushing after a combination, but referee Herb Dean didn’t stop her. Late on the fifth day, Holloway began mocking a train, putting his hands down and talking to the comment booth in a stunning display of confidence.

“He looked like Muhammad Ali tonight” Former UFC Double Champion and ESPN Analyst Daniel Cormier He said on the broadcast. “Max Holloway was swimming and snappy. It was unbelievable.”

Holloway (22-6) fell twice in a row to Vulcanowski before this match. Both matches were so close, many thought Holloway won their second match at UFC 251 in July. Holloway, 29, is the most accomplished featherweight in Ultimate Fighting Championship history. He held a 145-pound title form in UFC from 2016 to 2019. Holloway, native of Hawaii, has had the most wins (17), most KO / TKO wins (8) and most paused wins (10) in UFC Featherweight History.

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Train (22-4) won twice in a row and four of the last five to come. The Massachusetts native had four runs in six victories at the Ultimate Fighting Championship, known for his booming right-hand strike. Qattar, 32, was emerging from his victory unanimously Dan Ige Last July.