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Mahjong Line apologizes after accusations of cultural seizure

Mahjong Line apologizes after accusations of cultural seizure

Dallas-based company sells Redesigned Mahjong Tiles has apologized after social media users accused it of taking over the culture.

The Mahjong Font – which was founded by Kate Lager and two of his friends in November – has replaced some traditional Chinese symbols and symbols with cherry and lightning nails on brightly colored tiles.

However, many people were particularly annoyed by the company’s website, as the founders explained how they were inspired to give the ancient Chinese Game Respected update.

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Although the page has since changed, a screenshot of it was posted on Twitter Monday night.

The site said: “In an attempt to purchase her first Mahjong collection, Kate discovered that the traditional tile artwork, despite its beauty, was the same – not reflecting the fun she had when playing with her friends,” according to the screenshot. “Nothing came close to reversing her style.”

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The Twitter user who posted the screenshot also included an His own comment.

He wrote: “My culture is one of the oldest civilizations in the world.” “It is the product of thousands of years of tradition and history. My culture [is] Not some inexpensive coloring books that are filling and ‘pretty’ by the standards of super teens.


Another Twitter user directly accused the company’s founders of cultural appropriation.

“what happens?” the person chirp. “Colonists Annie, Bianca and Kate discovered a new and improved tile game, formerly known as Mahjong but now a reflection of their individual style and playfulness. This is a written example of a very happy #culturalapplation in 2021 everyone.”

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On Tuesday, Mahjong Line posted an apology for the website And the Social media platforms, Saying that the founders created the company “with pure intentions and a common love for the American game of Mahjong, which has a rich history here in the United States.”

A Dallas-based company selling redesigned Mahjong tiles has apologized after accusing social media users of taking over the culture. (IStock)

The company said it wants to be a part of the development of American mahjong tiles “in the most respectful and authentic way possible.”

“While we intend to inspire and engage with a new generation of American mahjong players, we recognize our failure to honor the game’s Chinese heritage,” the company said. “The use of words like” update “was painful to many and we deeply regret.”

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In an emailed statement to Fox News, the founder of LaGere said the company will work to ensure that “the game’s rich history and cultural significance is properly represented in our promotion and game description.”

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“We stand by our products and are proud to be one of the many different companies that offer a wide range of tiles and accessories for American mahjong,” Laguer said. “Nevertheless, we bear full responsibility in our endeavor to introduce new tiles, as we have inadvertently recreated the common experience of many Asian Americans of cultural erasure and are working to correct this mistake.

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“This will be an ongoing process and it will take some time as we continue to expand and introduce new policies in line with our goals to continue educating ourselves as entrepreneurs in this field,” added Lagair.