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List of National Society of Film Critics Awards 2020 Winners - Deadline

List of National Society of Film Critics Awards 2020 Winners – Deadline

The National Society of Film Critics His name is Chloé Zhao BedouinFrances McDormand, 2020 Best Picture.

The runners-up was for the best picture category The first cow And the Never Seldom Sometimes Always. Bedouin She won massively during the annual voting ceremony on Saturday as Chow came out with a Best Director victory and McDormand won Best Actress.

Additional honors were Da 5 blood“Delroy Lindo.” Borat’s next movie Breakout, Maria Bacalova, who won Best Actress at Concert and Supporting Actress Awards, respectively.

The NSFC’s 55th Annual Voting Meeting selected winners and runners-up in 11 categories via the weighted ballot system.

Any movie that opens in the United States on a screen or broadcast platform during the year is eligible for consideration. Last year, the group delivered Bong Joon Ho’s parasite Its first award, Best Picture, is a refined feat at the Academy Awards.

The 60-member NSFC houses critics from major newspapers and outlets in Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Chicago including from outlets Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, The The New Yorker, The Christian Science Monitor And NPR.

The Los Angeles TimesJustin Chang is the current president of the organization.

See the full list of winners below.

Best picture:

winner: NOMADLAND (52 points)


First Cow (50 points)

Never Seldom Sometimes Always (41 points)


winnerChloe Chow, Nomadland (58 points)


Steve McQueen, SMALL AX (41 points)

Kelly Richardt, First Cow (30 points)

an actress:

winner: Best Actress: Frances McDormand, Nomadland (46 points)


Viola Davis, MA RAINEY’S BLACK BOTTOM (33 points) S.

Sydney Flanigan, rarely ever (29 points)

the actor:

winner: Best Actor: Delroy Lindo, DA 5 Bloods (52 points)


Chadwick Bosman, MA RAINEY’S BLACK BOTTOM (47 points)

Riz Ahmed, the sound of the metal (32 points)

Supporting Actress:

winner: Best Supporting Actress, Maria Bacalova, Next BORAT Film (47 points)


Amanda Seyfried, Mank (40 points)

Yoon Yoh Jung Minari (33 points)

Assistant actor:

winner: Best Supporting Actor: Paul Racy, “ SOUND OF METAL ” (53 points)


Glenn Turman, MA RAINEY’S BLACK (36 points)

Chadwick Bosman, DA 5 Bloods (35 points)


winner: Best scenario: Eliza Hetman, rarely and always (38 points).


John Raymond and Kelly Richart, First Cow (35 points)

Charlie Kaufman, I’m thinking about finishing things (29 pts)

Non-fiction movie:


winner: Best Photography: Joshua James Richards, Nowadland (47 points)


Shabir Kirchner, LOVERS ROCK (41 points)

Leonardo Simis, Vitalina Varela (34 points)

Film in a foreign language:

winner: Total (38 points) Runner-up:


BACURAU and BEANPOLE (36 points)


Non-fiction movie:

winner: Time (46 points)


City Hall (28 points)

Collective (22 points)

Film Heritage Award:


Women make movies

Movie commentary

The Prattel Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Film awaits American distribution:

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