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Kicking Sam Jets cut off in a sudden movement

Kicking Sam Jets cut off in a sudden movement

Gates kicker cut Sam Viken on Saturday in a somewhat surprising move.

Viken, in nine matches this season with Gates, has made 13 attempts out of 15 field goals and went 12 of 15 with extra points. He had stopped two kicks last week against Brown, one field goal attempt and one attempt after point. Viken missed five matches due to a thigh injury this year after kicking him in 15 games with Gates in 2019.

Chase McLaughlin will be the New England primary player at the end of the season on Sunday. The McLaughlin aircraft claimed waivers from Jaguar last month, but he has not appeared in any matches for them. McLaughlin has appeared in three games for Jacksonville this season and went 4 to 5 in field goals and 3 to 4 in bonus points. He will be the third player used by airplanes this season.

Two Jets kicks were banned last week, much to the ire of Team Coordinator Brent Boyer. Ficken had an additional point attempt and the field aim attempt was blocked.

Sam Ficken was snapped up by Jets on Saturday.
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“This is a rated show for children, so I’ll try to tone down what I’m saying here,” Boyer said. “It was a collaboration between things. We gave up a lot of pressure inside, a little bit of the low kick, then had to pressure a guy at the last minute to get him in there for the second. I think we could definitely do a better job.”

All there is to stop the internal pressure. They don’t get that much push, which is the thing, usually not enough to block the kick. So, we definitely have to fix that before this week. Obviously, that could never happen, and it happened twice in one match. So needless to say, I’m not happy with that, that’s for sure. “

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Gates activated goalkeeper Greg Van Rotten from the injured reserve Saturday. He is expected to start in the right-hand guard, having started in the first 12 games of the aircraft season. He suffered a toe injury that put him in injured reserve December 12 … Cornerback Bless Austin’s team were disqualified after missing this week due to an illness other than COVID-19. Lamar Jackson is expected to start his place.

The aircraft has also signed DL / Resel Smart and LB Sharif Finch to the Active List from Training Squad. They promoted LBs Noah Dawkins and Brady Sheldon from Training Squad.

Airplane rookie WR Denzel Mims played a quiet game last week against the Browns, which was played without his first fishing game this season.

Mims saw a rookie year with ups and downs hampered by hamstring injuries early on. He showed the ability that made the two planes take him in the second round from Baylor, but he didn’t have the monster game yet. Could it come that Sunday against the Patriots?

The newspaper said there were reasons to hold him without being caught by Cleveland.

“I think there were two things – the coverage dictates where the ball goes,” said attack coordinator Doyle Luggins. Obviously, the inside players had a bigger game [Jamison] Crowder [Braxton] Piraeus and [TE Chris] Herndon. I think we had eight goals for outside players and we had a zero to 8. There were some balls disputed, and a couple of go ways were thrown. Sometimes the game turns out like this and when the ball goes out to your buddies, they have to do competing games. And when you don’t do these plays, sometimes your stats streak isn’t very good. “

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Mims has 22 catches of 342 yards in eight games this season. Still looking for his first landing.