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'Justice League' star Ray Fisher talks after being removed from The Flash after a feud with the studio president

‘Justice League’ star Ray Fisher talks after being removed from The Flash after a feud with the studio president

Ray Fisher He confirmed that his character, Cyborg, had been removed from the upcoming DC Comics movie about The Flash.

Fisher played the role of a cyborg in the 2017 movieJustice SquadHe was expected to reprise his role again in an independent film focusing on Ezra Miller Flash. However, after months of feuding with WarnerMedia heads over alleged abuse by director Joss Whedon and other executives, Fisher announced on Twitter that he would not work with DC films President Walter Hamada again.

In spite of His bold words, Fisher indicated that he does not agree with the decision to remove it from The Flash untitled.

He wrote in “I have received official confirmation that Warner Bros. Pictures has decided to remove me from the Flash team.” Long statement Wednesday. “I strongly oppose their decision, but it is not surprising.”

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In June of 2020, Fisher called Weidon, Who was brought in to deal with re-shootings in “Justice League” after Zack Snyder was forced to withdraw from post-production. Fisher described Weedon’s treatment of the cast and crew as “gross, abusive, unprofessional, and totally unacceptable”.

In August, WarnerMedia announced that it was Initiate a third party investigation In Fisher’s allegations of unprofessional behavior, which now includes producers John Berg and Jeff Jones, who served as co-chairs for the Warners division of DC Films.

In December, WarnerMedia announced that it had concluded its investigation and indicated that,Corrective actionsHowever, he did not clarify what this procedure was.

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In his latest reprimand of studio heads, Fisher claims Hamada obstructed the investigation in an attempt to protect Jones while throwing Whedon and Berg under the bus.

Ray Fisher has confirmed that he will not appear in the s tandalone movie about The Flash for DC.
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Fisher says he spoke for about an hour on the phone with Hamada in July 2020 to convince him that Johns was a major contributor to the negative experience remaking Justice League, but he said the studio head did everything in his power to cover Johns despite his claims of ” Blatant racism. “

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“Despite Walter’s efforts, the Justice League investigation was able to expose racist, coercive, discriminatory behavior and retaliation against Geoff Jones during his tenure with WarnerMedia subsidiaries. It also led to an immediate road disconnect between WarnerMedia and Joss Whedon,” Fisher wrote in his extended statement On Twitter. “While it might be legally and financially safe to take Jeff Jones quietly, or let Joss Weedon” get out “on his own – I don’t share any of those responsibilities.”

The star went on to say that what he experienced should not have happened and that it is exposing the current “Hollywood cover-up culture”.

Fisher wrote, “I insist that Walter Hamada is unfit for a leadership position – and I am willing, at any time, to take a polygraph test to support my claims against him.” “I don’t know how many cases of workplace abuse Walter has tried to cover in the past, but I hope the Justice League investigation is the last.”

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He concluded by saying that he would gladly pay the price of not repeating the cyborg character again if that means exposing Hamada’s behavior.

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter On Thursday, Warner Media President and CEO Anne Sarnoff backed Hamadeh in the fight.

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“I believe Walter Hamadeh has not obstructed or interfered with the investigation,” she said. “Moreover, I have complete confidence in the investigation process and its results. Walter is a respected leader and is known by his colleagues and peers and I as a man of great character and integrity. As I said in Walter’s recent announcement of the deal extension, I am excited about where DC Films is taking and I look forward to Work with him and the rest of the team to build DC Multiverse. “