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Inside the 'We the People' party, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are very weird and spirited before opening

Inside the ‘We the People’ party, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are very weird and spirited before opening

I amIt’s the hype 2021 mystery: How to get people excited to party when you are the ones you explicitly told not to party and also not everyone can party. Because it is a pandemic? The Biden Inaugural Committee Celebration of the launch Swearing-in Week It was, then, as awkward and confusing as you might expect.

A relentless effort to make something fun and enjoyable, this Sunday night We are people The concert and fundraising (a small donation that got the Biden / Harris supporters access to the virtual event) was kind of silly, kind of sad, incredibly random, unfortunately low energy, rude, impressive, and ultimately, maybe actually a nice thing. ?

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The squad wasn’t just the regular pick-up reservations that telegraphed “We know the guest of honor has no idea who most of these people are, but we’re determined to hire at least one job to mark each demographic to prove we’re comprehensive” that these political events are known for.

Maybe it was because the big guns booked the opening ceremony on Wednesday or maybe they couldn’t justify the effort to appear in a virtual live broadcast event that lacked the spirit of a live concert, but We are people Dramatic shifts of injury popped up from the A-list leading to, not quite a Z-list, but maybe a P-list? List Q?

Keegan Michael Key and Debra Messing are icons I’m for Joe, Mimi, They served as hosts, were very excited and happy to be there, which is good for them. But even as they were overly enthusiastic about introducing tonight’s lineup, it was tempting to mock her diminishing returns: “Cher!” “Boy comes out!” “And the [pause] Cal Bin … ”

The President-elect and Dr. Jill Biden spoke, and so did Kamala Harris W. Her husband, Doug Imhoff. Biden warned that “although our inaugural traditions look a little different this year, we are still together across America.”

And so it may be necessary to enjoy these things for what they are in these extreme circumstances: the best anyone can do. You have to feel it.

Between epidemic restrictions and constant threats of rebellion, it is the worst time to try to arouse the enthusiasm of a new administration, as they strive to do what they can and what is appropriate. It’s an impossible situation, like if someone gave you a couple of twenties, Busch Light barrels, and party room keys at Ponderosa Steakhouse, and said, “Turn this into a presidential event.”

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There are a lot of brains they must have on this topic. It’s exhausting to always have an insistence on doing this kind of thing, days of festivities and ultimately uninteresting concerts as part of the pomp and civic circumstances, especially now when we’re in a pandemic. However, it is time to start feeling good about things – or at least believing that it is possible one day to feel good about things again.

To that end, it is inspiring and wonderful to have the opportunity to meet with people who are passionate about championing and supporting not only the new president-elect, but the promise of what the country can be like under his leadership.

But then, at the end of the day, how do you feel energetic, sitting on your couch watching an awesome live stream on your computer at 8 p.m. on a Sunday in which Grace Adler and the man who vanished with Meryl Streep in The prom Trying to put the spotlight on you for thinking that the upcoming Fall Out Boy performance is like watching Beyoncé shut down Coachella?

Was the inaugural committee trying to conjure up sad memories of the Obama era with that reservation that seemed out of nowhere? In an effort to reconnect Biden with the times when Trump was just a reality TV star, the only face masks we saw were on the cast. Grey’s Anatomy On Thursday nights, and we were all going, on a previous tour, Sugar, we’re swinging?

Until the oral history of how the event was cast is released – first acclaimed presenter Michael Bevins, a former New Edition member and Bell Biv DeVoe … – we must be content with remaining politely confused about how my favorite rock band has become a batch of graduates 2005 in my high school making headlines. (Their performance of their single 2014 single. “Centuries“Was … okay?)

There was no saving to embarrass the whole thing.

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A pop trio by the name of AJR, who was promoted by Messing and Key to write and produce songs from their living room, performed the song Bummerland, as if the jokes weren’t actually writing by themselves.

Yes, they booked Barbara Streisand, but only for voiceover. She laughed that she was going to sing a song she sang to three bosses, and was excited to make Biden fourth, then archive footage of her “Happy Days” belt at a concert years ago. What was that about “Bummerland?”

A pop trio by the name of AJR, who was promoted by Messing and Key to write and produce songs from their living room, performed the song Bummerland, as if the jokes weren’t actually writing by themselves.

Cal Ben joined in to talk about the famous cakes from New Jersey (?), And the parallels between the potential that America offers and being an actress. performed, and I can confidently say that no one wanted.

Toward the end, we were blessed with the presence of Cher, who gave a fun speech before lip-synching her song “Hope You Find It” from different areas of her home, unlike the self-made music video of which I was 13 years old, I would do it in my living room with a sync Lips With Cher’s Song.

The truth is, I think I’ve been tasked with this review to be flustered, and it’s, admittedly, easy to do, especially given the haphazard setting and bluesy list of trying to get people to take the Zoom video. Instead of applause, you have Depp and Cage cheering and shouting about how good each performer is. There wasn’t any cheering or laughter, but there was a stinging bug sound from the video lag that we all know now.

But there was something fun, even joyful, about it.

For example, the first actor was Ben Harper, who sang the hit song “Hand to Hand”. It has a nice, fluid rhythm, with words like: “I can make peace on the ground with my hands / I can clean the ground with my hands / I can reach you with my hands.”

It is a surreal message now. It is urgently needed, but it can only be metaphorical. We can’t do anything with our hands – at least not without a bathtub of disinfectant and diligent COVID testing – but it’s the right messages.

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We’ve all received march orders loud and clear in past weeks that everyone who wants this current national nightmare to end must be an active participant in exploring ourselves. This will only be possible if there is support: from the government, from society. And this would only be possible if there was sympathy, a new concept these days.

The chorus of the end of the song changes the words to “with.” Our Both hands. ” Perhaps the inches of ice that formed over my heart over the past four years have already started melting, because I found myself so affected.

Carol King sits at the piano and sings “You Have a Friend”. James Taylor plays while chanting his own version of “America, the Beautiful.” There is no time when watching any of these things would not be the highlight of any day. They were loved.

But once we won, the grand finale kicked in and it made us feel indignant again that we were doing it. Just like they did after The impressive and impressive Democratic National ConventionTriumph of ingenuity and democracyThis party ended, inexplicably, with a DJ.

This time it was DJ Cassidy instead of Diplo, but it was just weird to be staring at someone on a YouTube screen blowing up dance music as if we’re all in a yard ready to party, not sitting in the same spot on the sofa where we’ve been for the past 11 months, half caring As you scroll through Twitter.

I don’t know what we ever want from the celebrity meet-ups and the politics that come every four years, and I certainly don’t know what we want from them in a pandemic.

Perhaps we could say it was the final opening show of the Big Wednesday show, which will feature Lady Gaga, Tom Hanks, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake, and the final headline: Saving the United States of America from its current fiery hell. It doesn’t matter if you missed out, but watching definitely got you excited about the main event.