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Hundreds of Google employees join unions, the culmination of years of activity

Hundreds of Google employees join unions, the culmination of years of activity

The union could potentially lead to an escalation of tensions between Google’s engineers, who work in self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, internet research, and company management. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, and other executives have tried to deal with an increasingly active workforce – but they made the wrong steps.

Last month , Federal officials said Google accidentally fired two employees protesting its work with immigration authorities in 2019. Timnit Gebru, a black woman A respected AI researcher, She also said last month that Google fired her after she criticized the company’s approach to hiring minorities and biases built into AI systems. Her departure sparked a storm of criticism over Google’s treatment of minority employees.

“These companies find it difficult to have a small group of people who say, ‘We work at Google and we have another point of view.’ Labor and democracy at the University of California, Santa Barbara,” said Nelson Liechtenstein, Director of the Center for the Study of Labor. “Google might eliminate it. Any institution comes to the ground. “

The Alphabet Workers’ Union, which represents employees in Silicon Valley and cities like Cambridge, Massachusetts and Seattle, provides protection and resources for workers who join. Those who choose to become a member will contribute 1 percent of their total compensation to the union to fund its efforts.

Over the past year, the CWA has pushed for white-collar tech worker unions to unify. (The NewsGuild, a union that represents New York Times employees, is part of CWA) The campaign initially focused on employees at Video game companies, Who often work hard hours and face layoffs.

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In late 2019, CWA organizers began meeting with Google employees to discuss the union campaign, workers who attended the meetings said. Some employees were receptive and signed cards to officially join the union last summer. In December, Alphabet Workers’ Union held elections to choose a seven-person executive board.