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Hawks: The Pros and Cons of Terry Fontenot as Atlanta's Next General Manager

Hawks: The Pros and Cons of Terry Fontenot as Atlanta’s Next General Manager

This article makes me sick because I have to be kind to the Saints a little, but Fontenot is more qualified than he is the next General Manager of Falcons. Rumors are circulating around national media that Fontenot will be paired up with Joe BradyAnd that’s a binary that I can definitely talk myself into. A little background on Fontenot:

Fontenot has been with AINTS for over 18 years, which was without a doubt their best years. He has been very involved as scouts and with players during his time.

While the cap setting in New Orleans for 2021 is actually a garbage fire, Fontenot mostly takes on player ratings and researches professional leagues and future opponents (and he’s good at that).


Player acquisition

It’s worth noting that Fontenot wears many hats, most of them being the Director of Pro Scouting. He has a serious view of talent, and he has gained players in positions that the Falcons have struggled with at times.

Looking at Free Agents, DeMario Davis became one of the WILL Linebackers’ best players in the game after leaving the Jets – even at the age of 32. Fontenot recently helped pull Emmanuel Sanders and Malcolm Jenkins out of the basket of deals, too. Saints rarely hand out bad contracts to free agents, and Falcons have had many bads in this season.

Detect future opponents

Even with Drew Brees toast completely and Taysom Hill extremely limited, New Orleans finds a way to win regular season games. Their hands will be full on Tampa Bay this weekend, but part of Fontenot’s job is to assess the talent in the other teams. Done well. Saints always seem to come with a solid game plan and adapt. As much as I was a New Orleans clown, they have been in a position to win supplement matches (which they choked on) in each of the past three seasons. Much of that should be attributed to Sean Payton, but Fontenot has been doing it for 17 years. Making adjustments and planning for the game after the first half … has been a problem for Atlanta in recent years, to say the least.

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17 years old even if you are a keeper in the NFL is an impressive feat, especially for one organization. This will be Fontenot’s sixth year as Professional Scout Manager. He’s seen his best years in football in New Orleans so far, and I’d hedge to say he had a role in bringing down Drew Breeze, which resulted in them winning their only Lombardy Cup 11 years ago. Even if Joe Brady’s “willingness” is questioned, Fontenot knows this game inside and out.


Compensation choices go to New Orleans

New Orleans would receive compensatory selections in the third round in exchange for a minority candidate nomination away. I don’t have bones with the same base, and I hope they don’t reload good players with those picks. Regardless, if you really think Fontenot is the guy, roll the dice.

The current state of the saints

In case you missed our endless jokes on Twitter, the Saints top the 2021 cap by nearly $ 100 million – and that’s if it doesn’t drop. Drew Press’s retirement will relieve some of that pressure, but they have a lot more work to do. Kwon Alexander might really need to cut it. I’m expecting Mickey Loomis to do some magic and take control of the situation, but he’s still kicking the can down the road. I wouldn’t necessarily say this position is of Fontenot’s verb, but it is worth writing down. Regardless, I can’t blame a guy who paid him to keep his best players and go with Drew Press one last time. With a team like Atlanta, it has a long mission ahead of it. I have listed some cut candidates To give Fontenot some breathing space, but putting on cover would be suspicious in the wake of the season affected by COVID-19.

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Short band with fan base

I’ll keep this brevity because it’s more in theory than in practice, but if a guy from New Orleans traded and Julio Jones traded and got a poor return or did little during the first few seasons, the fans would be hotter. It came from the saints. I’m just saying.

Unknown role with College Scouting

Look, saints well project. Look no further than the 2017 NFL draft, the one the Falcons famously failed to do. Having a true, lasting interference in Ryan Ramczyk’s Pro Bowl, RB star Alvin Kamara, Trey Hendrickson’s solid EDGE, CB Marshon Lattimore, and Marcus Williams’ safety in one draft is impressive. Even guys in modern drafts like Eric McCoy and Cesar Ruiz were good for New Orleans. Not to mention – Michael Thomas was selected in the second round of the 2016 draft, one of Terron Armstead’s best left footwork was drafted in 2013 (the third round), and Cam Jordan was taken in 2011 (24th overall). New Orleans counted shots all over the draft board.

Well that made me feel bad. However, Fontenot deals with professional talent acquisition. As a scout, I’m sure he has a hand in checking out my college players. At the moment, I don’t have the information to say he’s made a huge impact in this regard.