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Galaxy S21 launched today: Watch the live broadcast of Samsung's Unpacked event here

Galaxy S21 launched today: Watch the live broadcast of Samsung’s Unpacked event here

We’re at a tail CES 2021 Samsung decided to launch its upcoming Galaxy S21 flagship line, consisting of the S21 and S21 Plus (and S21 Plus with 5G) and S21 Ultra, earlier than usual with the Unpacked event during the same busy week. So far, Samsung has launched its Galaxy Buds Pro and SmartTracker, and it’s starting to talk about phones. But we also have a lot more information about the S21 already. Now catch on Samsung YouTube page Or her Homepage, Or here.

The new model is made entirely of stiffer metal and glass for better durability, with a screen that supports adaptive refresh between 48 and 120 Hz and improved low blue light protection. Of course, there are three better cameras and new AI image processing devices. Bokeh better! Pet Mode! It adds multi-point processing and improved skin white balance to your selfie options.


For video, you will be able to pull 8K images from videos, capture photos and videos simultaneously, as well as the best shooting mode. It also adds a multi-camera view to the video, with fast switching between them – and that sounds pretty cool.

The phone has an updated processor for faster processing as well.

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First look at the new Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus


Samsung brings its IoT technology to the Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag Plus (with wireless broadband), which is a small portable device for tracking anything (or anyone) that you can place using the SmartThings Find app on your phone.

New Samsung SmartTag finds lost Galaxy S21 keys, keys, and more: price, date on sale, and how it works

However, they are not just phones. The company also launched Galaxy Buds Pro, with improved audio; They add a small speaker for better bass. They have motion tracking sensors and Dolby 360 surround sound, as well as active noise cancellation. And they look very different.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is now launched for $ 200



The microphone is also improved to be more directional and has more fit with adjustments to reduce wind noise.

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Galaxy S21 Ultra: first look at the new version from Samsung …


This is a developing story. It follows the original.

Samsung, in its early January invite, described “Welcome to Everyday Epic” as the theme of its event. It It is expected to reveal the new Galaxy S21 lineupAnd also some possible accessories. Here’s everything we’ve heard so far about the Galaxy S21. We hope you don’t get tired here these It’s the last day of the show but Samsung has a lot of news to come. The South Korean electronics giant will broadcast its virtual event, Unpacked, at 7 a.m. Pacific Time, on the last day of CES. You can watch it on Samsung YouTube page Or her Homepage, And CNET will host a live show starting 30 minutes before the event.

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Samsung will hold its first Unpacked event of the year on January 14th.


Samsung said: “Over the past year, mobile technology has taken center stage in everyday life as people work remotely and spend more time at home.” “The rapid transition to the mobile world first brings with it the need for devices that can transform everyday life into an extraordinary experience.”

The January 14th date for Unpacked comes earlier than usual for Samsung. In the past, the company has usually revealed its latest flagship phones in February, either a little before or during Mobile World Congress Trade fair, then the device was released in March or even April.

Samsung will likely reveal three different models of its flagship phone at Thursday’s event: the 6.2-inch S21, the 6.7-inch S21 Plus, and the 6.8-inch S21 Ultra. The devices are expected to look pretty much the same but they are Larger camera units, Which enhances their photo and video capabilities.

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The company may also be discontinued Galaxy Note This year’s line and replace it with the S Pen support on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Early shows do not show a visible location of the stylus, which could mean that it should be placed separately from the phone when not in use. In Samsung’s popular – but niche – Note lineup, the stylus slips into the device for storage.

Besides the Galaxy S21 lineup, there could be some other announcements from Samsung. The company is expected to disclose new ones Galaxy Buds Pro headphones And the Tile style smart trackersIt might be called Galaxy Smart Tags, to help people keep track of their possessions with BlueTooth. an Apple For a long time It’s rumored to be working on his AirTagsBut it has not yet revealed anything in that square.

Take advantage of CNET for full coverage of the first Samsung Unpacked event of 2021.

More Samsung Galaxy S21 rumors:

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