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Ford recalls 3 million cars for airbags, at a cost of $ 610 million

Ford recalls 3 million cars for airbags, at a cost of $ 610 million

Washington – Ford Motor Company On Thursday, it said it would recall 3 million cars to be used to inflate the airbag, which could explode at a cost of $ 610 million.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Tuesday ordered Ford To issue a recall for airbag pumps from the driver’s side, and to reject the carmaker’s 2017 petition to avoid this.

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The defect, which in rare cases ruptured an airbag inflator and sent deadly metal shrapnel, has led to the largest vehicle recall in US history of more than 67 million inflators. Worldwide, about 100 million blowers have been recalled that have been installed by 19 major automakers.

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The recall includes 2.7 million American cars. Ford will include the cost in its fourth-quarter results.

Vehicles were previously recalled for use in passenger-side inflatable. “We believe our comprehensive data showed that a safety recall is not a justification for the airbag on the driver’s side. However, we respect the NHTSA’s decision and will issue a recall,” Ford said.

NHTSA also asked Mazda Motor Corp to recall 5,800 airbags in B-Class cars between 2007 and 2009.

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Takata inflators have resulted in at least 400 injuries and 27 deaths worldwide – including 18 deaths in the United States and two in previously retrieved 2006 Ford Ranger trucks.

The Ford cars that are recalled include the Ranger, Fusion, Edge, Lincoln Zephyr / MKZ, Mercury Milan, and Lincoln MKX.

In November, the NHTSA rejected a petition filed by General Motors Corporation (NYSE:GMTo avoid recalling 5.9 million American cars with Takata airbags. General Motors said the callback covered 7 million vehicles worldwide and would cost $ 1.2 billion.

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Separately, Ford revealed on Thursday that it expects to report a pre-tax re-measurement loss of $ 1.5 billion in the fourth quarter related to pensions and other post-employment benefit plans, driven by lower discount rates.

Ford said the re-measurement loss was expected to reduce net income by about $ 1.2 billion, but did not change projections for 2021 pension contributions.

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