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Disney defends its Star Wars host after tweets about white people reappear

Disney defends its Star Wars host after tweets about white people reappear

Disney Defends a new hoststar Wars“ A web series amid a backlash to tweets that some consider racist towards whites.

Christina Ariel This month, it announced that it would host “The High Republic Show,” a web series that provides news and insights on the latest multimedia subset of the hugely popular science fiction series.

However, shortly after Ariel was announced as host of the new bi-monthly show, some combed through her previous tweets and found many speaking in somewhat harsh terms about the role of white people in deconstructing racism.

The reactions got so bad that they prompted the official Star Wars Twitter account to issue a statement defending the host and denouncing “bullying and racism”.

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“Our Star Wars community is a community of hope and inclusivity. We do not advocate for bullying and racism. We support KrystinaArielle,” Reads tweet.

Hours later, Ariel took to Twitter to share some of the fierce and racist responses she was receiving in light of the old tweets. Screenshots of comments, tweets, emails, and more people say she was only contracted by the Disney-owned franchise because of the color of her skin, sending emojis to monkeys and inviting people to harass her even more for her views on race in America.

“You deserve all the hate you get,” says one terrifying participant.

However, Airelle seems to transcend the hate. She captioned the pictures with a tweet“We were in the last 24 hours … we weren’t the greatest.”

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It is then Share the poem “I’m still getting up” to Maya Angelou.

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Star Wars defended The High Republic Show presenter, Christina Ariel, after facing racist comments.
(Albert El Ortega / Getty Images)

Like many, Ariel has been upfront about race over the summer as the nation grapples with protests sparked by the death of George Floyd At the hands of the police in May. Many of the Tweets I shared over the summer called for whites for what they believed to be performing acts of solidarity.

“Just a reminder that white women are complicit in upholding and enforcing white supremacy,” I wrote more than Axios article Kayleigh McEnany’s defense of using the term “Kung flu” to describe Corona Virus.

“You don’t have to comment on the bottom of every post on racism that you are trying to be better.” I’ve read x, y, z. “Any mix of white people, when you’re white. I don’t care. Talk is cheap. I’m not here for your accountability checks,” I wrote In a separate tweet in June.

In October, shortly after the presidential debate, she regretted seeing two white candidates debating racism.

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Watching two white men discuss the racism they’ll never experience will never fully sit with me. #Debate 2020, I wrote.

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And she continued in a follow-up tweet: “White men: This is not a topic for you to try to speak well in my comments. I said what I said.”

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