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Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans

Deshaun Watson has yet to request a deal

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An excellent article released on Saturday that researched the two messy weeks of Texas reports, among other things, that medium. Deshawn WatsonHe just wants out. “It is very likely that he will, but he has not formally requested that it happen.

According to a source familiar with the situation, Watson hasn’t specifically requested a deal, yet.

Although he is moving in this direction, Watson realizes that using these words will take the situation beyond the point of no return. This means that, for the time being, it has not passed the point of no return.

But it won’t be easy to turn things around. The same organization that wreaked havoc will now have to break it up.

It hasn’t gone well yet. Texas Watson called for inputs for both GM hiring and head coaching. He did, and the team ignored his input. Texas initially ignored his recommendation to meet with Chief Offensive Coordinator Eric Binnemi for the head coaching position. As I mentioned last night, Texas Completely ignored Watson recommends meeting former Team 49 defense coordinator (and now aircraft instructor) Robert Saleh to get the job.

For those who point out that mediators are not supposed to play this kind of role in managing a team, there are two points: (1) Texas Requested He has to play this role. And (2) since midfielders are expected to be semi-members of management, why shouldn’t they play this kind of role in team management?

Consider Houston’s specific dynamics. Texas owner Cal McNair and executive vice president of soccer operations Jack Easterby made the decision to appoint Nick Casereo as the next general manager. How are McNair and Esterby more qualified than Watson to make this call?

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McNair and Esterby made three previous decisions for the General Manager, none of which went well. First, they tried (and failed) to hire Caserio. Second, they decided to go ahead without a GM Third, and they decided to make former coach Bill O’Brien the general manager, a decision that was reversed after only four games in 2020.

As a result of those decisions, Texas wasn’t getting enough Jadvion Clooney (And paying much of his 2019 salary), Texas has given up a lot Larmy Tonsil, And Texan Texas by the Cardinals to receive them Dee Andre Hopkins.

So what can Texans do at this point to avoid getting a formal trade order from Watson? The only thing to do is to hire the best training possible, and hopefully the new coach can figure out how to get Watson to stop ordering trading.