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Cincinnati Bengals to keep head coach Zach Taylor, "stay optimistic on the foundation" he builds

Cincinnati Bengals to keep head coach Zach Taylor, “stay optimistic on the foundation” he builds

The Cincinnati Bengals will bring back coach Zach Taylor for the third season.

In a statement released Monday morning, team leader Mike Brown said the franchise remained optimistic about Taylor despite having come out 6-25-1 over the past two seasons.

“We remain optimistic about the foundation upon which Zach is building, and we look forward to giving our fans next year the winning results that we all want,” Brown said in a statement released by the team.

Brown’s comments came one day after the Bungalows (4-11-1) lost 38-3 to the Baltimore Ravens at the end of the season and allowed 404 yards in the rush. It was also a rare public comment from Brown, who hasn’t held a press conference since July 2019.

Taylor’s second season provided glimpses of optimism after Bengals finished their worst league record in 2019. Joe BoroDraft 2020’s best overall pick, he had a promising first season before suffering a knee injury at the end of the season against Washington on November 22. The Bengalis beat Pittsburgh for the first time since 2015 and won their first road competition. Since the fourth week of the 2018 season.

In addition to Boro, the team had to face several major injuries by the end of the season. Running back Joe Mixon, Defensive address, DJ reader, cornerback Bring Wynes And left foul. Jonah Williams was all among the players who finished the season on the injured reserve.

“We have faced challenges this season due to injuries in key locations and missed opportunities,” Brown said. “I am proud of the football team that fought hard during the ordeals. Those adversities and hard work will help us next season.”

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The Bengals will have the fifth pick in the NFL 2021 draft.