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Blazers beat the Lakers with massive toys from Lillard, Trent Jr.

Blazers beat the Lakers with massive toys from Lillard, Trent Jr.

The Portland Trail Blazers She stepped into Staples Center looking to avenge her overthrow from 2020 NBA Playoffs On hand Los Angeles Lakers. After a slow start as Los Angeles players ruthlessly bombard Portland, the Blazers raised their guard power and surpassed the world champions, 115-107. Gary Trent Jr. was the evening’s knockout star with 28 points from 7-11 shots from the bow. CJ McCollum added 20 and Damian Lillard 31 in the Blazers win.

Portland started slow again as LeBron nudged 3 7-point buckets in the first three minutes of play, giving Los Angeles an immediate 9-2 lead. And that was before he cast an unopposed submersion into the intermission. The Portland’s ball action was deceiving no one. The Lakers were initially on their way to 30 against the new Portland defense, which almost looked like the old Portland defense.

The Blazers closed the gap with the second unit, though … definitely a new development. Trent Jr. was hit three times after checking in with the first bench players. He scored 16 points by the first half, while McCollum added 13, 11 in the second quarter.

Portland thrived when they stopped throwing the ball around the perimeter and attacked the ledge with force. I opened up a few easy-arc interior points, and suddenly the Lakers’ defense that seemed solid from cement became cracked and porous. The Blazers drove 58-54 into intermission.

If the first half was a series of runs (Portland had 11 and 12 streaks), then the Lakers committed to making the direction their own when he started the second. They shook 15 in a row after the break. The Portland players continued their long turn at the center of the ball, contributing to Los Angeles’ dominance. The Blazers’ guards came in hard as the third period ended, but Dennis Schroeder tore them down on the other end. Los Angeles advanced 85-84 at the end of the three.

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Trent Jr. made a strong case that his name was written in all caps for the following month as the final period began, arriving three more times, and being escorted to take off. Robert Covington and Derek Jones Jr. turned an already excellent defensive match into 11 matches, and Damian Lillard then caught fire. At that point, the Blazers had not been discontinued. Yusef Norkic bounced hard along the half as the Blazers moved away with a 2–1 youth season win.

LeBron James scored 29 points in the loss. Ines Kanter added 12 to 28 from Trent Jr., helping the Blazers secure 45 points off the bench this evening.

Talk about the game below as you wait for Steve Dewald and an extended summary detailing all of the actions.

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