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Apple prohibits Apple Silicon Mac users from sideloading iPhone apps

Apple prohibits Apple Silicon Mac users from sideloading iPhone apps

Apple has discontinued users’ ability to unofficially install iOS apps on their M1 Mac devices (Across 9to5Mac). While iOS apps are still available on the Mac App Store, many apps, such as Dark Sky and Netflix, do not get their developers’ approval to run on macOS. Until now, There was an alternative solution This allowed third-party software to be used to install apps without the need to use the Mac App Store, but it appears Apple has disabled it remotely.

When we tried to install an unsupported application on our M1 Mac running macOS 11.1, we received an error message saying that we cannot install it and should “try again later”. You can see a screenshot at the top of this article.

to me 9to5MacMore specifically, the message on the latest macOS 11.2 beta is: “The application cannot be installed because the developer was not intending to run it on this platform.”

Apple’s move to block unauthorized app installs isn’t necessarily surprising. The code was found in beta Indicating the ban is coming, Apple has given developers the power to prevent their apps from running on the Mac – a force undermined by sideloading. However, it’s sad to see the feature go, as Mac users are used to it More freedom in what programs they can run Than they do on iOS (although Apple Control over the Mac has been tightening over the years).

We were able to run one of the apps we already installed, but it’s clear that Apple is taking strict measures against this behavior, so there are no guarantees that our already downloaded apps will work in the future either.

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