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Apple is removing the Vybe Together app used to arrange parties during Covid | world News

Apple has pulled an American app that encouraged users to meet in secret underground gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Vybe Together app, which promoted private parties, has been removed from the Apple App Store, its TikTok account has been banned, and most of its online presence, along with the app’s creators, has been removed. Edge says Apple has banned it.

Vybe Together released itself on TikTok and Their website As a place to organize and attend illegal parties that often conflict with social distancing laws, using the slogan “Get the Rebel. Have your party.”

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Users were required to submit a profile before they were allowed to register, an application process that involved submitting the applicant Instagram In addition to uploading their party photos.

The app allowed people to create special “no random” events in. Users can then apply for invitations to events, hoping that the host considers them “interesting” enough to agree to them.

Once on the menu, guests will wait to receive location details two hours before the event starts.

One of the founders of Vybe Together said that the app has a few thousand users, and that a few thousand additional applicants have requested access since the company started posting videos on TikTok.

The app’s FAQ page – now deleted – acknowledged that Covid-19 was “a major health problem for the country, our communities, our friends and our family”, but claimed that the app is designed to promote “small gatherings” rather than “big parties” “which it described as” dangerous. ” “.

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“But Vybe is a compromise […] We can live, at least a little bit during these times with Vybe. “

It remains unclear whether the app – which has only a few hundred followers on Instagram – has largely incited illegal or unsafe gatherings, although it promoted “gatherings every weekend”. In the TikTok video.

The creators of Vybe Together have been contacted for comment. they Instagram account The message includes: “We signed the App Store !!! Break and continue !!”