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American Airlines opens in-house wine delivery service

American Airlines opens in-house wine delivery service

The company said Thursday that a new program – called American Airlines Flagship Cellars – will give customers the opportunity to buy wine by bottle, in custom “coordinated” situations, or via a monthly subscription plan that costs $ 99 a month.

Prices for single bottles of American Airlines wine range from about $ 13 to $ 40, and the most expensive offer is $ 300 from three bottles of champagne.

Purchasing the $ 99 monthly subscription gives customers access to discounted rates, a monthly shipment of three bottles of wine, and customers will accumulate two AAdvantage miles for every dollar spent.

Bottles of wine are among the bottles that would have been offered to customers on American Airlines ‘flag ship’ tickets, a luxury seating option on international and intercontinental flights.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the travel industry, leaving dozens of planes on the ground and drastically curtailing international travel. America is among the many airlines that also have it In-flight alcohol sales suspended To reduce the amount of time hosts have to interact with customers in the Covid-19 era. American reported a net loss of $ 3.6 billion most recently Earning report, The wine sales are not expected to have a significant impact on their losses.

A spokesperson for American Airlines said in an email, citing Alison Taylor, the company’s chief customer officer, that the company hopes its new home wine program will generate $ 40,000 to $ 50,000 in sales during the first three months of the year. .

But the short-term prospect of bringing in cash from ground wine bottles isn’t the only consideration.

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A company spokesperson said via email: “Although revenue is important, Flagship Cellars is a way to engage with customers, even when they are not traveling with us.”

“It also gives them a taste of what you can enjoy at Flagship First or Flagship Business,” said the spokesperson.