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Adam Gas surprise to buzz Patriots ignore a big issue

Adam Gas surprise to buzz Patriots ignore a big issue

Adam Gase will be looking for a job next week after being kicked out by the planes, which is almost certain. There was some hype from Boston that the Patriots might consider him their new midfield coach. Jade Fish left the role to take on the technical director position at the University of Arizona.

It would make sense to see Gase Land in New England. He and Josh McDaniels date back to 1999 when both were low-ranking assistants on Nick Saban’s crew in Michigan. Gase worked under McDaniels in Denver as a broad reception coach when McDaniels was the head coach. Patriots coach Bill Belishek is always very complementary to Gas too, as he was again on Tuesday during a conference call with Gates’ correspondents.

“I think Adam did a great job this year to keep improving the team with coaching,” said Belishek. “As usual, his excellent playing plan and call-up poses problems for defense. This is an improvement team.”

The biggest question of whether the Patriots want Gase is whether Gase will be able to swallow his pride to work under McDaniels. Jace was head coach for five seasons. His contract on airplanes extends for another two years, so he’s making money. Returning to a coaching position would definitely be a blow to ego, especially with someone who’s been at work 10 years ago.

Gase may not have many other options, but Jets fans are still unlikely to see him on the fringes of New England next year.